Business Phone Systems
Buying a state of the art phone system doesn’t have to break the bank. DivaTEL PBX packs in more features yet costs a fraction of its competitors

Remote Office Phone System
DivaTEL PBX has unique capabilities to integrate all of a companies phone systems into one logical architecture. This drastically simplifies administration and reduces outages due to configuration errors. Additionally the integrated architecture has built in failover giving your company piece of mind that you can depend on your phone system. 

VoIP Phone System
Buying a phone system is challenging and we recognize that our online store will help reduce the cloudiness introduced with this complex technology.

DivaTEL PBX utilizes your standard computer network reducing cabling and hardware costs. We even have phone options that allow you to provide networking to your computer directly from the phone limiting the number of network cables that need to be run to each desk.

Asterisk Phone Systems
DivaTEL PBX is based on Asterisk, the world’s most popular open source telephony software.


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