What is Aheeva Contact Center Suite?

Aheeva Inbound
Intelligent call management empowers your agents to spend their time helping and selling instead of transferring calls and looking for files.Accurately route calls by matching customers’ needs with the skills of available agents.  Increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by providing agents with customers’ profiles and preferences. Control the queue load by monitoring call levels and staffing.

Aheeva Outbound
Automatically target the ideal customers and connect them to your best agents with intelligent outbound call management.
Control every element of your outbound telemarketing campaigns
Automate the dialer to adjust to customer and agent availability
Change any element of the campaign to maximize results
Reach customers quickly
Run multiple customized campaigns

Increase the profitability of your telemarketing campaigns by controlling all aspects of your outbound calls. Built-in flexible filters and actions help you create the best prospect list for each campaign. Multiple dialing methods keep agents busy without leaving calls abandoned. Reports show you the success of each campaign with complete information about callbacks and remaining numbers.

Choose from several dialing modes

Maximize agent productivity with predictive dialing. Automatically adjust the dialing frequency according to agent availability, number of customers and the abandoned rate.

Reach customers quickly by sending a message to a list of numbers with broadcast dialing. The dialer delivers pre-recorded messages to live customers, answering machines and voice mail.

Compensate for limited agent availability with progressive dialing. The dialer only dials when an agent is free.

mprove personalized contacts and business to business campaigns with preview dialing. Agents are prepared with the customer file open and confirm when they are ready.

Aheeva Quality Monitoring
Accurately evaluate your quality of service, adherence to business policies and response to sales efforts with call quality monitoring. Ensure that all of your agents have the information, skills, attitude and motivation to use their full potential to achieve your objectives. Live monitoring allows you to provide ‘whisper’ coaching for new agents or difficult situations. Recorded monitoring supplies a valuable source of information to prove compliance, resolve disputes, and evaluate training.

Improve customer service standards

Validate sales orders

Track the level of each agent’s product knowledge
Rate agent performance based on fact, not opinion
Identify areas needing improvement and isolate specific training opportunities
Gain business insights and uncover trends by listening to actual interactions and supervise performance with live monitoring
Click on an agent’s name in the CCS real-time monitoring window to monitor a call in progress
“Whisper” to give suggestions to the agent without the customer hearing
“Step in” to intervene during the call
Record calls digitally

Aheeva Workforce Management
Balance the work volume to achieve a desired quality of service with the fewest possible resources while making your teams feel guided, supported and competitive.

Stimulate your workforce by creating teams and team leaders.

Create healthy competition by tracking and monitoring teams’ results.

Reduce center costs by creating the most efficient employee schedules. You can create, publish and adjust the work schedule of your agents at any time. You can also exchange shifts among them and add new work shifts and breaks.

Know what is going on in your Contact Center. Color coded diagram displays instantly who is doing what and why (work periods, breaks or meals and adherence to work schedule).

Choose daily, monthly or yearly reports on adherence to work schedule.

Group Forecast: A historical 15-minute scale account to help you forecast the number of needed agents to take the calls. You can schedule to prevent periodic bottlenecks or shortages and adjust to the daily work schedule as the day progresses. Shows scheduled number of agents versus number of agents engaged in every call center activities, including absences. Group forecast provides a shrinkage value to reflect forecasting accuracy.

Not Ready Reason: CCS Manager lets you define your own list of reasons to quantify time at work.

Aheeva Reporting
Analyze your corporate data quickly and easily to assess the performance of your contact center on all levels and carry out short-term adjustments, midterm improvement or long-term vision.

All information about every aspects of your business; agents, groups, calls, campaign, line management, queues, adherence, is available in every details in the database. To help you save time, Aheeva offers 10 different proven reports you can choose from, depending on your priorities. Crucial data for contact centers is at the heart of each report. Cardisoft’s experts could develop a specific report on demand.

Gain real-time visibility into key business metrics
Monitor key business activites like call center volumes
Create accurate and up to date sales and customer reports so you cazn make good operational decisions
View information in real time or select a precise time span to produce printed reports.

Aheeva Softphone
The AheevaPhone is the best complement to Aheeva CCS. This SoftPhone can be deployed rapidly in any business and is an inexpensive way to get up and running with VoIP. Designed with call center agents in mind, the AheevaPhone supports their specific tasks. AheevaPhone runs on your computers and provides more features and functionality than a regular phone.

With a simple interface, making and receiving calls is intuitive. The AheevaPhone allows you to use your regular telephone sets if you prefer, by logging in with a phone number. Remember remote management? Now you have a virtual phone you can use anywhere with a laptop and an Internet connection. The software phone is a thin client that can be installed to run remotely.


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