What Is Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)?

Computer telephony integration, or CTI, links computer systems with telephone systems to control how calls are made and received. Think call centers and customer service departments.

CTI is a modern-day non-negotiable. If your phone system isn’t seamlessly connected to your computer system, you and your sales team will waste a gargantuan amount of time making sure all necessary information is in the right place at the right time for the right people. CTI is like a superhighway where phone-based sales people used to have take back roads.

Computer telephony integration might sound complicated, but TenFold (our favorite computer telephony integration software!) takes only a few minutes to integrate with your company’s phone system. And you don’t even need an actual phone to make it work. Still confused? Here’s a quick breakdown of what CTI technology does.

  • When customers call, it’s computer telephony integration that puts them on hold (you’vechosen some cool tunes to pass the time, right?) and then routes the call to the correct representative.
  • Depending on the CTI configuration, callers will be prompted to push buttons for more options or respond to the voice-recognition software.
  • Despite the “T” in CTI, actual telephones are not necessary for a CTI system. That’s because the computers themselves act as the telephones. If there’s a telephony server in place, then call center agents only need to put on their headsets and click a button.
  • When an agent picks up a call, the caller’s information appears on the computer screen. This is called a screen pop, and it allows the agent to authenticate any information or add notes to the customer’s record.
  • Besides phone calls, CTI can also handle faxes (yes, those are still a thing), emails, and any other previous communication or interaction with the caller.
  • Stop us if you’ve heard this line before: “This call may be monitored for quality assurance.” CTI is behind that, too. Businesses can log calls and analyze them for training purposes, which is a huge deal if you want to improve conversion rates and increase customer satisfaction. Everyone does, of course. That’s why CTI is so useful.

Whether you’ve got a small staff or have a call center with a cast of thousands, CTI is the way to go. And TenFold is the CTI that gets you the most bang for your buck. Check us out and see what we mean.


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