Why IP PBX is better than old conventional Phone system?

Easier to Manage and Configure

For proprietary conventional PBX you have to call vendor company. They send an engineer and add/modify features in PBX. In IP PBX now you can do it yourself or any IT person can do it for you. You are not locked with certain vendor. So your are not locked in paying more to certain vendor.

Cost Saving on outgoing calls

IP PBX uses variety of trunks (not just PTCL). For international calls your can use VoIP Trunk and for making mobile calls IP PBX intelligently uses GSM trunks (SIM cards in PBX). LCR (Least Cost routing) can be implemented.

Eliminate separate Phone wiring

Conventional PBX uses separate wiring, be it single pair or 4 pairs. It is misconception that IP PBX uses LAN RJ45 separately for each IP Phone end-point. Fact is IP PBX uses existing wiring of computer network because IP Phone acts as bridge mode between PC to LAN switch.

Scalable- Never throw IP PBX

It is common in businesses to throw conventional PBX as organization expands. In IP PBX case it just a matter of adding more LAN points. On trunk side PCI cards or trunking Gateways can be added seamlessly. No liciencing limitations either.

Productivity – Never miss a call

New trend your Andriod or IP Phone smartphone can become your office extension too over WIFI. When it is unavailable you have voicemail to email option or “follow me” feature.

Other Feature Related Benefits (probably hard to find in conventional PBX)

Pick-up Group

Your colleague is not his desk his phone is ringing. Now you do not have to miove to his/her desk you can easily pick extension by dialing *8. Since your extension and your colleague belongs to same pic-up group (says in-house sales).

Mobility Extension

IP PBX allows you to use your mobile phone as extension. If you set your mobile phone as mobility extension and then you call IP PBX with this mobility phone,you will hear a dial tone. IP PBX will recognize your call as a call from an extension. You can dial the number of other extensions (Your caller ID will be the number of your extension) or dial out via outbound routes just like dialing from your extension.

Transfer (Blind & Consultative)

You can perform blind transfer, that is to transfer to another extension without knowing if that extension is free or in-call. Or you can perform consultative transfer which puts the other party on “music on hold” while you talk to intended transfer party before connecting them.


An IP PBX can create conferences rooms with roles and pin protection. Yet another perfect feature for your tele-conferences and day to day meetings.

Spy Settings

Asterisk IP PBX  allows extension to monitor/barge in other conversation. Once this feature is enabled, the extension has the ability to monitor/barge in other calls using the feature codes for each spy mode, refer to ‘Feature Codes’ page for more information.

Spy modes

There are 4 spy modes available for choice.

  1. General spy: you have the permission to use the following 3 modes
  2. Normal spy: you can only hear the call, but can’t talk
  3. Whisper spy: you can hear the call, and can talk with the monitored extension
  4. Barge spy: you can hear the call and talk with them both


You can set IVR (the welcome message) as per office timings and holidays. After office timing different IVR will be played back.

Ring Group

Do not get confused with Pick-up group. In ring group all extensions will ring at same time. This is ideal for high volume of calls.


You must be famliar with this message. Please wait all agents busy your call will be answered when agent is available. IP PBX gives you call-center level features. If ring group strategy does not work for high volume calls then you can put customers on hold while finish exiting calls and take next. With different policies as given below.

  • LeastRecent: Ring the Agent which was least recently called
  • FewestCalls: Ring the Agent with the fewest completed calls
  • Random: Ring a Random Agent
  • RRmemory: Round Robin with Memory, Remembers where it left off in the last ring pass

One Touch Record

A user may initiate or stop call recording by dialing*1 during a call. (*1 is default setting).

Microsoft Outlook Integration

By installing small piece of software on each employee laptop, using microsoft outlook express can dial a number for you by clicking a contact. You do not have to copy paste or note down contact number for your Phone or dialer.

Advanced Billing and Call Accounting Services

All DivaTEL PBXs can be seamlesssly integrated with a call accounting module/server now you can keep record of each call made including. We can even load PTCL and mobile companies rates for you in order to do reconciliation at the end of day, month so on.

Free Inter-Office calls with a Multi-Branch PBX

Every DivaTEL  PBX can connect to one or more DivaTEL PBXs. This implies that it is easy to connect multiple offices and route calls between them by unified numbering plan. All you need is internet connection between branches.

Versatile Operator Panel

DivaTEL IP PBXs comes with web GUI operator panel. It is multi user web application by which employees can perform transfers, originate calls, recording, create dynamic conference room with invitees and more.


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